LLOREDA CAMACHO & CO. has extensive experience in the practice of corporate law in Colombia. We focus on providing top quality services to our clients based on practical knowledge and understanding of client’s business operations and mutually agreeing upon their strategic goals and objectives.

We provide counsel and assistance to national and foreign investors by determining the most effective way to establish their business in Colombia.

Our client base and economic sectors covered vary significantly. From small-sized companies to large multinational corporations seeking to invest in the Colombian market through establishing subsidiaries or branches along with Colombian entrepreneurs seeking to build new corporations, or maintain or transform their present organizations.

LLOREDA CAMACHO & CO. collaborates with our clients to identify the corporate structure that best suits their interests. The firm offers continuous advice in: management of corporations; planning and preparation of general and board of directors meetings; projection of the best way to finance the operations and capitalizing the companies; registration of foreign investment; strategies on foreign indebtedness; effective application of the norms of the stock market, evaluation and negotiation of the most appropriate contractual tools; and liquidation and restructuring proceedings.