For many years, the firm has advised local and foreign banks, insurance companies and other entities of the financial sector on regulation matters, especially when dealing with the development of new products, the incorporation and acquisition of financial institutions, and the opening of representation offices in Colombia by foreign institutions.

Our firm has also represented and rendered counsel to international credit institutions acting as lenders and as administrative agents for syndicated credit operations granted to official institutions and to Colombian companies operating in several sectors of the economy, as well as to Colombian companies entering into credit and collateral and guarantee agreements with local and foreign financial institutions.

The firm has also acted in representation of foreign financial institutions in the purchase and sale of equity interests of local financial institutions.

LLOREDA CAMACHO & CO. has wide experience regarding the stock market, in particular assisting clients in processes of acquisition and control of listed companies, through Public Acquisition Bids (OPA) or privatization processes of state companies. Similarly, the firm actively participates in the workshops created by the Colombian Stock Market — such as Colombia Capital to promote the participation of new companies in the stock market or to establish private equity funds, with the aim of informing and illustrating its clients about the financing alternatives they have for their operations through this market. It takes advantage of its experience providing counsel for the issuance of securities such as shares and debt bonds.

The experience of the firm also covers advice in the establishment of foreign investment funds, whether individual or institutional; advice to financial institutions and managers of foreign assets with the aim of promoting — through representation offices or correspondent agreements entered into with local stockbrokers — their products and services.

Partners and associates of the firm participate, or have participated in the past, as members of the board of directors of listed companies and institutions of the capital market.