LLOREDA CAMACHO & CO. has considerable experience in all the legal aspects related to foreign trade and customs regulations.

LLOREDA CAMACHO & CO. represents the largest carriers, maritime agencies, logistics operators, multimodal carriers, non-vessel operator common carriers, freight forwarders, customs agencies, and in general companies from the maritime sector. It has wide experience in establishing these agents as well as in the regulatory and commercial aspects of the day-to-day operations.

It counsels local and foreign companies in the fulfillment of the norms established for the import and export of goods and services. Similarly, it provides counsel in the design of foreign trade strategies, enabling the use of special stimulus mechanisms such as duty-free zones and the Vallejo Plan among other mechanisms observed by the Colombian legislation, as well as the international agreements subscribed to by Colombia regarding free trade with other nations.

The firm’s extensive experience in customs operations enables it to provide counsel on diverse matters such as:

  • Tariff classification.
  • Restrictions to imports and exports.
  • Operations from and to duty-free zones.
  • Seizure of merchandise
  • Representation before customs authorities and Courts.

Similarly, it provides advice in the use of customs benefits such as UAP, ALTEX, Authorized Deposits, Import-Export Special Systems, Foreign Distributors, among others.

Our firm provides legal consultancy in topics related with logistics and transport. It represents its clients in litigations related to damages and loss of merchandise, collisions, and maritime agency agreements, among others. Our expertise in contractual litigations enables it to provide efficient counsel in drawing-up and analyzing contractual clauses, which leads to agreements answering the specific needs of its clients.