LLOREDA CAMACHO & CO. also has wide-ranging experience in advising its corporate clients in government procurement in multiple economy sectors and before varied public authorities and agencies, especially in infrastructure projects, oil and gas services, telecommunications, and general procurement of other required goods and services.

As of entry into force of Law 1508 of 2012, LLOREDA CAMACHO & CO. has developed ample expertise, turning itself into one of the leading Firms, in structuring projects under the Public-Private Associations (APP, for its acronym in Spanish) model, and successfully advising its clients in public tender processes under this novel contracting model – e.g. the fourth generation (4G) road concession projects recently carried out by the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI, for its acronym in Spanish).

The Firm also has extensive experience and expertise in advising its clients in private calls for tenders, from both offeree and offeror perspectives.

Our services in this area include, among others:

  • Comprehensive counseling and assistance to clients throughout the tender submission, evaluation and contract award process, i.e. from the very onset of decision-making and planning stages, regardless of contractual modality, to contract award, including defining the most convenient legal structure, based on, inter alia, key legal and business, tax, exchange rate and labor issues arising out of or deriving from participating in the said process.
  • Review and preparation of any and all required documents to ensure client’s proposals fulfill applicable legal standards and tender specific terms and conditions.
  • Represent our clients throughout the evaluation process, by preparing and submitting relevant questions and comments with regard to the call for tenders or terms of reference, attending and actively participating in process meetings, and formulating observations with regard to competing proposals.
  • Advise on legal, experience and financial eligibility requirements.

Counseling and overall assistance in applicable legal alternatives for conflict resolution, before competent administrative courts and/or arbitration courts, in public procurement contracts.