LLOREDA CAMACHO & CO., has a deep expertise in copyright, entertainment law, advertising and marketing law, image rights, new technologies and social media.

We represent clients in the entertainment, creative, music, television, and new technologies (software) industries, as well as advertising agencies, editors, photographers, artists and writers.

Our Portfolio of Services include:

  • Copyright Registration.
  • Work-for-Hire Issues and Agreements.
  • Copyright Assignments.
  • Negotiating and drafting License of Use agreements.
  • Copyright Infringement before the Criminal and Civil Courts.
  • Settlement Agreements.
  • Authorization for use of Image Agreements.
  • Agreements of technical assistance of software.

We understand the importance of advertising and social media in our clients’ businesses. To assist our clients in meeting their business objectives, we identify solutions that balance the legal risks of their campaign with their advertising goals, always protecting the client´s reputation.