Lloreda Camacho & Co. assists its clients in planning optimum labor structures for the development of their different activities. It also provides general advice for the fulfillment of the labor and social security regulations.

In addition, the firm renders counsel for collective negotiations, mediation, arbitration, litigation with unions and organized workers, individual settlements and litigation with ex-employees. Always pursuing the clients’ best interests, Lloreda Camacho & Co. tries to resolve labor controversies through alternative means of conflict resolution.

The firm has wide experience in handling labor topics that arise because of mergers, acquisitions, split, sale, incorporation or liquidation of entrepreneurial operations in Colombia. The lawyers working in this area, together with those in the Tax and Corporate areas, proactively provide assistance in the development and amendment of labor policies and actions.

Similarly, we give advise on immigration issues, assisting both national and international clients on the regulation of the immigration status of foreign national who want to offer their services in Colombia. Beyond the analysis of visas and/or permits required for the case, we provide guidance on all due diligence required by the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Relations and Immigration.